• Improved Polar Data Access and Communication ONGOING

    This effort will improve communication capacity of the polar science community. It will help bring real-world datasets, models, and simulations into the classroom and make scientific data from the poles and information about polar research widely available and useful to various audiences.

  • Analysis of ROV Data from Pulley Ridge Biodiversity Survey

    This project at Pulley Ridge is testing the hypothesis that Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems may provide a hidden “refuge” for at-risk fish and coral species that are being decimated on many shallower, coastal coral reefs by overfishing, coastal pollution, invasive species, and rising sea surface temperatures.

  • Landscape Ecology of Fishes on Southern Carmel Bay’s Deep Wall and Reefs ONGOING

    The primary goal of this project is to broaden the on-going Deepwater Characterization of the MBNMS to include the “lost reefs” between 20 – 40 m water depth, an understudied zone between standard SCUBA-based surveys (e.g., PISCO and Reef Check CA) and deeper ROV/camera sled/submersible surveys (e.g, IfAME, MLML, MBARI).

  • Filling in the “White Zone”: New Methods for Interpolating Seafloor Attribute in California’s Critical Unmapped Nearshore Habitats

    This project creates refined methodologies for addressing gaps in seafloor data, as well as create as suite of products (white zone maps, population estimates) that will be directly useful for informing management of both fishery and MPA mandates. It efficiently leverages California’s vast investment in seafloor data collection to address documented, high-priority needs of coastal and marine managers, researchers, and policy makers .