• California Underseas Imagery Archive (CUIA) ONGOING

    This physical archive of undersea video imagery collected state-wide using various visual tools (including remotely operated vehicles or ROVs) constitutes a vital resource for addressing management questions in the future. Data can be mined from the imagery to answer questions that were not posed as part of the original studies that collected the imagery, and the imagery can serve as an important visual baseline against which future change (from climate change and/or other factors) can be evaluated.

  • Climate-driven Collapse of Mussel Beds (Mytilus californianus) in the Southern California Bight

    This project is providing insight into the long-term effects of climatic shifts on the composition of rocky intertidal communities in Southern California and the ecosystem services that they provide. The results of this study will also provide baseline data for modeling future shifts in rocky intertidal communities resulting from climate change.

  • Reservoir Capacity Studies

    The importance of this project and related SFML efforts is underscored by the unprecedented drought California is undergoing along with the predicted loss of the state's Sierra snowpack by mid-century.

  • Multiple Stressor Effects of Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia on Temperate Reef Fishes

    The results of these field studies and lab experiments will be rapidly disseminated to fisheries management agencies, oceanographic observing programs, and the science community to provide information on climate change impacts for economically valuable groundfish.