• Assessment of Abalone and Urchin Populations in Monterey ONGOING

    This project, integrated into an undergraduate capstone class, re-examines black abalone and urchin population sizes and densities at the locations surveyed by Micheli et al. 2007 to assess population recovery over ten years. Integrating research like this into undergraduate classes is a high-impact teaching practice and provides students opportunities to contribute to authentic research as well as the ability to establish needed long-term data sets on an annual basis.

  • Cruising for Conservation - Group Foraging of Coral Reef Fishes in the Eastern Caribbean and the Implications for Local Diversity

    This project was initiated in 2000 to study how facilitative interactions among coral reef fishes contribute to local diversity, and has since spanned the globe, including two missions to the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory. The most recent iteration of the project was initiated in 2017 as part of a new program called Cruising for Conservation, in which all research operations are conducted from a Carnival Cruise line ship.

  • Feeding Ecology of Market Squid in the California Current

    In the California Current Ecosystem (CCE) the distribution, abundance and growth of market squid (Doryteuthis opalescens) is thought to be largely driven by El Niño Southern Oscillation cycles, however the ecological factors that drive the observed boom and bust population dynamics have yet to be fully understood. Field studies suggest that there is a positive correlation between the abundance of juvenile market squid and the coastal krill Thysanoessa spinifera.

  • Improving the Data Available for Stock Assessments and Management of West Coast Groundfish through Collaborative Fisheries Research

    The West Coast of the US critically needs robust information on its nearshore groundfish, as the precautionary approach used in fisheries management when data are limited necessarily reduce access and concomitantly the potential social and economic benefits of California’s nearshore fisheries.